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EPIC 2.0

Are you a Professional Camera Flyer ? Are you a Serious Fun Jumper ?


  Make your mum proud by wearing the most EPIC setup there is, and never worry about GEAR ever again.


  It does not get any better than this: our complete setup to fly your still camera, paired with a double GoPro system, in a brand new 2.0 version !


  Our design is super convenient with an easy and quick access to your cameras, a tested strength and reliability through time, combined with an adjustable still camera support if you want to change your camera or use it with a new lens !




Complete bracket for Still Camera + Dual GoPro Case in front of the helmet Tonfly 2.5X / 3X / CC1


Unique adjustable stll camera bracket: works with any still camera and any lens


Front case available for any GoPro combinaition


ALL IN ONE : Perfect for professional cameraflyers


Easy quick access to the GoPro's SD Cards and batteries


Perfect weight distribution: feels amazing and well balanced


NOTE: Tell us which camera and lens you are using :)



Aluminium Bracket

Still Camera Mount

Double GoPro Case

Camera Screw (x2)
All fasteners and spares

Allen keys

Lens Secure Strap

Step by step Instructions, easy to follow
Warranty Certificate


EPIC 2.0


  • Orders prepared the NEXT DAY, fast delivery

    Worlwide Shipping Available


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